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Here you'll find interesting facts that show you why the 'RAW FOOD' diet is best option for your pet.

  • "All Raw Pet Foods must pass regulations and tests as set out in EU Directives EU Directives No. 1069/2009 & 142/2011" 

  • "Synopsis is that tests must show enterobacterial count of less than 5,000 and ZERO Salmonella. per gram of meat.

  • This is expressed in CFU/g or Colony forming units per gram.

  • Our Raw Pet foods have less than 5,000/parts per billion bacteria, and no salmonella.

  • Ciaran has developed a unique and approved method of manufacture where fresh meats, vegetables and natural additives are combined under temperature controlled and near sterile conditions.

  • These production methods are independently supervised by an external HACCP consultant and overseen by the Department of Agriculture

  • This requires attention to detail, stringent levels of cleanliness, and unprecedented attention to detail

  • A flawless 35 year track record in food production lies behind this unique system to bring you the very best for your pet.

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